I went to the doctor a few months ago and he said I’ve got chronic allergic rhinitis so he prescribed Flonase. I asked how long I should take it and he said “daily, forever.” I’m really horrible at remembering to do stuff so Home Assistant to the rescue! I set up an automation to remind me every half hour from 8AM to 1PM that sends a TTS announcement to remind me to take my Flonase. That’d be annoying if I already did it so I needed a way to turn it off.

I bought a bunch of Amazon Dash buttons on Prime Day so I figured I’d put them to use. I’ve got a Dash button that lives with my medicine and I press it after I’ve taken my meds. It’s picked up by Dasher and it sends a request to the Home Assistant RESTful API to turn on an input boolean.

The automation checks the state of the boolean in a condition¬†and doesn’t send the TTS announcement if it’s off.