MQTT Multisensor


I didn’t see much utility in the RGB LED for general sensor deployment so I left it out of my design and I also decided that I would use a Wemos D1 mini to reduce the footprint to about half the size of the one Ben built.Here’s a side-by-side size comparison between a LoLin NodeMCU, a Wemos D1 mini, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W

I went with the same PIR Motion sensor, DHT22, and TEMT600 (I’ll link all of the stuff in the side bar) that was recommended by Ben. Be forewarned, the PCB quality on the sensors isĀ really minimal and you may run into trouble trying to desolder the connectors so buy extra!


Next I used Autocad Fusion 360 to create an enclosure to house everything. It’s almost as small as possible so everything is a tight fit. It gets even tighter when there’s wire in there! The DHT22 required the tab to be cut off of the plastic enclosure and the pin headers replaced with regular straight headers. The headers on the NodeMCU had to be bent at an angle to where they almost touch the case of the ESP8266 module so the DHT22 fit!