MQTT Integrated Doorbell

Finishing Touches

Someone once told me “First make it work, then make it pretty.” It works so now we’ve gotta make it look better! I wanted everything to fit within the 2-gang electrical box in the wall so I decided that the NodeMCU wasn’t going to work since it’s too big. I ended up getting a Wemos D1 mini, a relay shield, and a prototype shield. These stack on top of one another and don’t take up much space at all.

You can see how small the whole stack is. I printed a┬ásmall enclosure that will allow the wires through. Since it’s living in the wall it’s not really important that it be fully enclosed; just enough that it can’t accidentally short out.









Here’s a comparison shot of the Wemos vs the NodeMCU

I also needed a small enclosure for the buck converter to protect it from shorts inside the electrical box.

Then It was time to put it in the wall making sure that everything fit and there were no possibilities for shorts.

I ran out of hookup wire so I wasn’t able to wire the protoboard or install it yet. I’ll update this page when the project is done.