MQTT Integrated Doorbell


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew when someone rang your doorbell if you were somewhere you couldn’t hear it? What if your doorbell could send you a text message or even a MMS with a picture from your security camera of who rang your doorbell? “But there are commercial options already available out there that do this, why invent the wheel?” you might say. You’d be right! But they have their drawbacks

  • They’re expensive!
  • You have to connect to their ecosystem. Access into and out of your network has to go through their servers and they essentially own the connection to your hardware
  • Some have a monthly fee
  • There’s no upgrade path if better hardware becomes available

With this DIY approach you get a few extras:

  • Ability to integrate with existing doorbell system
  • Ability to disable existing doorbell system noise
  • Ability to add extra sensors or integrations
  • Not bound to any hardware vendor or any specific hardware

I’m just getting this project rolling so check back for updates as they come along